Steam Carpet Cleaning in Shoreditch E1

Shoreditch E1 Steam Carpet CleaningYour floor coverings are expensive investment and you have to take a good care of them so they can last longer. Our steam carpet cleaning in Shoreditch E1 is one of the best and we can help you with so many of the unpleasant domestic chores .

Here is our method with all of our carpet steam cleaning in Shoreditch E1, the top quality result is guaranteed.

  • Our cleaning team use the best detergents

  • All your furniture will be removed from the cleaning area

  • We will pre-treat tougher stains with specialist stain removers.

  • Shampoo is now used to loosen stains and dirt, before vacuuming.

  • Shampoo is injected deep into the carpet

  • We can use Scotchgard protection against future staining.

  • We will treat your carpet depending on the special needs

  • After cleaning, furniture is replaced in the with foil layers placed under pressure points in order to avoid contamination.

  • we leave you protective overshoes to wear when walking on the carpet as it dries, offering an additional protection against contamination

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